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Japanese food is considered one of the best options when it comes to experiencing authentic Japanese cuisine and without killing your daily calorie intake. For example sushi or rolls uses rice, seaweed, fish and vegetables, all filled with rich nutrients to energize your body.
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We have a a huge selection of popular Japanese items, such as our California rolls. In addition we also have a takeout menu for anyone looking to bring the experience of Prince Sushi home or to the workplace.
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All the food at Prince Sushi is prepared fresh and delicious and ready to present to our guests. Our wait staff are approachable, friendly and quick to meet your needs in order to provide you an unforgettable Japanese dining experience.

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At Prince Sushi, good food is just one part of the experience. We also take pride in providing you quick and friendly customer service so you can order as much as you want from our signature 'All You Can Taste' menu and not have those long wait times.
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